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In a world of mass produced clothing with little individuality, without returning to times of austerity, we believe we should find again the fun we used to have in holding on to our clothes for longer than a few weeks, and develop a style by which we become recognized.

As women, few projects give us greater refreshment and joy than the occasional complete image overhaul. But perhaps this needs to be balanced with a return to the way we used to dress in Britain; buying classic pieces that last and express our individuality through our clothes.

Good quality clothing offers more value than fast fashion pieces that fall apart after a few months. As a nation we are now buying a third more clothes than we were just a decade ago. Every year we buy about 2 Million tons and about 1.5 Million tons ends up in landfill, bringing the clothing industry close to rivaling the chemical industry in levels of pollution.

A more sustainable fashion industry is called for, and at Helen McCabe Knitwear we are of the belief that our wardrobes and the way we wear and care for our clothes should reflect this…

  • We share a desire that helps women express themselves through their clothes
  • The person should always come first, and the clothes should be a way of showcasing the personality
  • We recognise the emotional connection that women have with their clothes
  • We passionately believe that the only way forward is strategic Investment Dressing, and a knowledge of care to enjoy those clothes for as long as possible

Discover the intensity and passion reflected our Hand Knitted designs.  Each of our exceptional, luxurious, beautiful Hand Knits is created with care in the best available high performance yarns, painstakingly sourced worldwide.

You may have known us previously as “Ivory Inheritance Knitwear”, “Designs On” or “Hullabaloo”. If so, we are delighted to welcome you back as one of our many worldwide admirers of our hand crafted Cotton Knitwear.


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