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Washing and Caring for your Helen McCabe Hand Knit

The following care instructions are based on our own experiences and have produced the best possible results for the longest life and preservation of these beautifully crafted Investment Hand Knits.  

Hand washing is not recommended……………..

  • Fasten buttons
  • Turn Garment inside out
  • Gently treat high stain areas ~ cuffs, neck etc., with Vanish or similar
    • Place garment inside a pillow slip, Specialist Knitwear Laundry Bag, or similar, to protect the natural shell buttons, bobbles and stitching details. (Secure bag to survive the wash cycle.)
    • Machine wash separately on 30c delicates cycle with gentle liquid detergent.We recommend Stergene or Woolite.
    • Do not use Bleach or harsh detergents
    • Optional use of fabric conditioner will enhance softness. Turn off machine & soak for a few hours
    • Spin several times on the longest fast spin cycle
    • Ease into shape whilst damp
    • Hot steam iron firmly on reverse while continuing to ease into shape
    • Dry flat and supported on laundry rack, or similar, and out of direct sunlight
    • Store folded when thoroughly dry – do not hang for long periods of time
    • If a small amount of growth in Length is required, hang / store on a padded knitwear hanger
    We only use 100% First Grade Cotton in the Hand Knitting of our Designs. As with many natural fibres, shedding of lint or fluff may occur, depending on the harvest time of the Natural Cotton.This will shedding will reduce with time (as in the case of new towels etc).  Use of a pillow slip or specialist Laundry Bag will contain this lint, protecting both your washing machine & and Investment Hand Knit.After use turn the Laundry Bag inside out and shake to remove lint, paying particular attention to “pluck” from the seams, corners, zip.

We recommend reserving a separate bag for the laundering of darker coloured knitwear to avoid lint transfer to lighter coloured garments. 

As always, please do get in touch if we can assist in any way or provide further care advice. 

Relish in the renaissance of Investment Dressing and every moment whilst wearing…………

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